Today we are making it easier for you to bring your other websites closer to your or Jetpack blogs.

The new embedded timeline tool allows you to put a timeline of your blog posts on your website, connecting your visitors with the content you are writing here.

It only takes two pieces of HTML to embed a view of your blog directly on your website. The embed is interactive and allows your readers to follow your blog or like your posts without leaving the page. Both and Jetpack blogs are supported.

Our embedded timelines documentation contains directions on how to implement the timeline on your own site.

We also have a tool that allows you to create timelines without any coding at our creation page.

PS: The timelines are built using the REST API – take a look and start building your own app today!

You can also use a shortcode to Embed the timeline on a blog:
[wptimeline url="" showgravatars="true"]

Here is an example of a timeline in action:

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6 thoughts on “Embed or Jetpack blogs on other websites with timelines

  1. Very nice! We want to use this on our website, but are having trouble with showing the image connected to the posts. It seems like the img goes away when the text is longer? Is there an easy solution for this?

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