We are proud to announce the full open sourcing of the WordPress.com desktop app. You can access the source and documentation on GitHub at the automattic/wp-desktop repository.

The core application Calypso was released as open source a few weeks ago, and now the work that went into building the desktop applications using Electron is available as well.

We’re also thrilled to announce the release of a Linux version, in addition to our newly released Mac and Windows apps, all of which you can download from https://apps.wordpress.com/desktop/.

The dedicated apps are a great way to manage your sites, write and publish, and even customize your site and view stats. Use it for your sites on WordPress.com, or for your self-hosted WordPress sites using the Jetpack plugin.


We’re excited to make the source available, and we welcome contributions, feedback and reporting any issues. Give the app a try, no matter what platform you’re on!

11 thoughts on “WordPress.com Desktop App Goes Open Source, Linux App Arrives

    1. No, the deb package is built for x64.
      You will need to build from source for it to run.

      I looked it to see if it was possible, but the underlying tool, Electron, that we use to bundle the app does not yet support ARM. So even building from source won’t work.

    1. Sadly, the answer is not that interesting.

      It was just timing trying to get each of the platforms out and built properly, get the repository scrubbed of internal references and work with the lawyers to get all the licenses straightened out. Across the Thanksgiving holiday and working with people’s schedule it just took a little bit longer.

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