Recently, Grzegorz Ziółkowski, one of our developers who works full time on the open source project side of WordPress, spoke at the JavaScript for WordPress Conference on July 12th. As the name suggests, the conference was focused on JavaScript as it relates to the WordPress CMS and offered talks/workshops for folks no matter their skill level. Grzegorz focused in on helping bridge the gap between folks who have previously explored the welcoming world of WordPress and the new editing experience offered through Gutenberg.

We encourage you to check out the written version of his talk here to learn more and expand your own skills. From reading about the history of how Gutenberg came to be to sharing practical tips for how to improve the quality of your code, we think you’ll enjoy reading and learning alongside Grzegorz.

P.S. If you’d like to work with folks like Grzegorz, check out our jobs page! We’re hiring and would love to tackle problems together.

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