Matching API Endpoints

POST/notifications/read Mark a set of notifications as read.
POST/notifications/seen Set the timestamp of the most recently seen notification.
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post/subscribers/new Subscribe current user to be notified of the specified post's comments.
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post/subscribers/mine/update Subscribe current user to be notified of the specified post's comments.
POST/me/settings/ Update the current user's settings.
GET/me/settings/ Get the current user's settings.
GET/me Get metadata about the current user.

Automattic Women: Rossana Menezes

Welcome to Automattic Women—conversations with some of the remarkable women working all over the world to design and develop Automattic software and make the web a better place. Today’s interviewee, Developer Apprenticeship Rossana Menezes, chats with us from her traveling workstation somewhere around the globe. Who are you, and what do you do? At Automattic, […]

Writing Documentation

Mission of documentation To inform To guide and answer To educate and empower  How a style guide supports documentation Provides consistent presentation and experience for users Creates a unified voice for multiple authors Saves time and resources with clearly documented decisions  Voice and tone Conversational, friendly, and global Writing style Clean and clear Types of […]

Preventing Form Spam

Although your site visitors never see it, form spam is a headache for site owners – especially if you get email or text notifications every time a visitor completes a form on your site. Preventing form spam helps alleviate this headache. But what is form spam exactly? Most form spam occurs when bots discover your […]

Introducing our Automated e2e Tests

At we strive to continuously deliver new functionality whilst ensuring that we provide a consistent and reliable user experience. One key element to all of this is developing self-testing code; that is, creating and maintaining a comprehensive suite of automated tests that are developed in conjunction with our functional code. The WordPress Calypso User Interface supports React […]

Getting Started with the API

What is it? Our REST API allows you to view, create or edit content on any site, as well as any self-hosted ( site connected via Jetpack. This includes not only blog posts and pages but also comments, tags, categories, media, site stats, notifications, sharing settings, user profiles, and many other features. Some requests […] Firehose

WordPress publishers and visitors produce thousands of new posts and comments every hour. With the addition of IntenseDebate comments, this is a lot of data. These content streams are available in three real-time formats from redundant servers. These streams are intended for partners like search engines and market intelligence providers who would like to ingest […]