wp-now: Launch a Local Environment in Seconds

As a developer, it’s frustrating to constantly deal with configurations, install various libraries, and commercial licenses. We enjoy writing code, building things, and shipping products that help people. Code is poetry. wp-now is a new, zero-config development environment we recently contributed to the WordPress Playground. Currently in its alpha stage, wp-now is already the fastest ... Read More.

Automattic Women: Kirsten Johnston

Welcome to Automattic Women—conversations with some of the remarkable women working all over the world to design and develop Automattic software and make the web a better place. Today’s interviewee is HRmattician Kirsten Johnston. Who are you, and what do you do? I’m Kirsten, I live in a little village in Scotland with my fiance, ... Read More.

#CFHack2023: WordPress in VS Code!!!

At the CloudFest Hackathon over the weekend, we embedded WordPress directly into VS Code. Forget spending hours setting up a local development environment at your next Contributor Day. Simply install the WordPress Playground VS Code extension, run “Launch WordPress Playground” from the command launcher, and you’ll have a fully mostly functional WordPress installation right inside ... Read More.

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