New Color Picker in WordPress 3.5

Some of you may have noticed the shiny new color picker in WordPress 3.5. This was a great example of collaboration between a commercial service and open source: we developed a color picker for to scratch our own itch, then offered it to They then pushed us to make it so much better ... Read More.

Using the REST API with self-hosted sites via Jetpack

As of Jetpack 1.9, the REST API can now access self-hosted WordPress blogs with the Jetpack plugin installed. Instead of just building for the platform, you can build awesome applications that interact with WordPress in general. Any applications built using the API for will automatically work with Jetpack-enabled sites running Jetpack 1.9 ... Read More.

Developer plugin v1.1: Themers are developers too!

UPDATE: we regularly push updates to the developer plugin, make sure you grab the latest version here: We’ve pushed out v1.1 of the Developer plugin, which is packed full of goodies for WordPress theme developers. You can now indicate that you’re working on a theme for a self-hosted WordPress install to get recommendations on ... Read More.

New P2 Plugin: P2 Hovercards

We’ve released a new plugin for the P2 theme that we’re calling P2 Hovercards. Hovercards are like extra bits of information about particular links that show up when you hover the corresponding inline link or object (for example, check out our Gravatar Hovercards). With this plugin you can add hovercards to your self-hosted P2 sites. A ... Read More.

Originally posted on Enterprise WordPress hosting, support, and consulting - WordPress VIP: One of the great things about developing for WordPress is the number of tools available for developers. WordPress core ships with a bunch of useful features (e.g. WP_DEBUG) with many more built by the community (like our own Rewrite Rules Inspector and VIP… ... Read More.

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