We’ve created some open source apps that demonstrate how to build applications on top of the REST API.


A single-page JavaScript application that uses the D3.js graphing library to graph a site’s recent visitors and views using the /stats endpoint. It uses Implicit OAuth to authenticate a user and retrieve the data for a specific site, without storing any tokens.


The code can be found on GitHub, and there’s a live demo at https://automattic.github.io/grasshopper/.




A media manager written in Backbone. The code is on GitHub.


Like Grasshopper, it shows how you can use Implicit OAuth to do authentication without a server component. It also provides examples for using the API with third-party libraries like plupload for uploading media.

Sulfur allows you to upload images, view your entire media library contents, view meta data, and delete images. You can learn more about Sulfur in this previous post.



REST API Console

For an example of a more complex application (and one that we use in real life!) check out the API Console, an interactive way of building and testing API queries.


There’s now a Version 2 of the console. Its code is on GitHub, and it runs at https://developer.wordpress.com/docs/api/console/. Read our initial post about v1 of the API console here.