This is the documentation for version 1 of the REST API, which is now deprecated. You should not use this version of the API for any new development. See the latest version of our API Resources for the most up to date documentation.


View user information data such as username, name, email, blog, and Gravatar.

Resource Description
GET/v1/sites/$site/users List the users of a site.
POST/v1/sites/$site/users/$user_id Update details of a user of a site.
GET/v1/sites/$site/users/login:$user_id Get details of a user of a site by login.
POST/v1/sites/$site/users/$user_ID/delete Deletes or removes a user of a site.
GET/v1/users/suggest Get a list of possible users to suggest for @mentions.
GET/v1/me Get metadata about the current user.
GET/v1/me/billing-history Get list of current user's billing history and upcoming charges.
GET/v1/me/settings/ Get the current user's settings.
POST/v1/me/settings/ Update the current user's settings.
POST/v1/me/settings/profile-links/$slug/delete Delete a link from current user's profile.
GET/v1/me/likes/ Get a list of the current user's likes.


View general site information and options.

Resource Description
GET/v1/sites/$site/shortcodes/render Get a rendered shortcode for a site. Note: The current user must have publishing access.
GET/v1/sites/$site/shortcodes Get a list of shortcodes available on a site. Note: The current user must have publishing access.
GET/v1/sites/$site/embeds/render Get a rendered embed for a site. Note: The current user must have publishing access.
GET/v1/sites/$site/embeds Get a list of embeds available on a site. Note: The current user must have publishing access.
GET/v1/sites/$site Get information about a site.
GET/v1/sites/$site/page-templates Get a list of page templates supported by a site.
GET/v1/sites/$site/post-types Get a list of post types available for a site.
GET/v1/sites/$site/wordads/settings Get detailed WordAds settings information about a site.
POST/v1/sites/$site/wordads/settings Update WordAds settings for a site.
GET/v1/sites/$site/wordads/earnings Get detailed WordAds earnings information about a site.
GET/v1/sites/$site/wordads/tos Get WordAds TOS information about a site.
POST/v1/sites/$site/wordads/tos Update WordAds TOS setting for a site.
POST/v1/sites/$site/wordads/approve Request streamlined approval to join the WordAds program.
GET/v1/sites/$site/wordads/stats Get WordAds stats for a site
GET/v1/me/sites Get a list of the current user's sites.
GET/v1/me/sites/features Get a list of the current user's sites features
GET/v1/me/sites/plugins Get a list of the current user's sites plugins
POST/v1/sites/$site/search Search within a site using an Elasticsearch Query API.
GET/v1/sites/$site/headers/$theme_slug Get the custom header options for a site with a particular theme.
GET/v1/sites/$site/headers/mine Get the custom header options for a site.
POST/v1/sites/$site/headers/mine Set the custom header options for a site.


View and manage posts including reblogs and likes.

Resource Description
GET/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID Get a single post (by ID).
POST/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID Edit a post.
GET/v1/sites/$site/posts/slug:$post_slug Get a single post (by slug).
GET/v1/sites/$site/posts/ Get a list of matching posts.
POST/v1/sites/$site/posts/new Create a post.
POST/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/delete Delete a post. Note: If the trash is enabled, this request will send the post to the trash. A second request will permanently delete the post.
POST/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/restore Restore a post or page from the trash to its previous status.
GET/v1/me/posts Get a list of posts across all the user's sites.
GET/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/ Get a list of the likes for a post.
POST/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/new Like a post.
POST/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/mine/delete Unlike a post.
GET/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/mine/ Get the current user's like status for a post.
POST/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/reblogs/new Reblog a post.
GET/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/reblogs/mine Get reblog status for a post.
POST/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post/related Search within a site for related posts.


View and manage a post's comments.

Resource Description
GET/v1/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID Get a single comment.
POST/v1/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID Edit a comment.
GET/v1/sites/$site/comments/ Get a list of recent comments.
GET/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/replies/ Get a list of recent comments on a post.
POST/v1/sites/$site/comments/status Update multiple comment's status.
POST/v1/sites/$site/comments/delete Permanently delete multiple comments. Note: this request will send non-trashed comments to the trash. Trashed comments will be permanently deleted.
POST/v1/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/replies/new Create a comment on a post.
POST/v1/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/replies/new Create a comment as a reply to another comment.
POST/v1/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/delete Delete a comment.
GET/v1/sites/$site/comment-counts Get comment counts for each available status
GET/v1/sites/$site/comment-history/$comment_ID Get the audit history for given comment
GET/v1/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/ Get the likes for a comment.
POST/v1/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/new Like a comment.
POST/v1/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/mine/delete Remove your like from a comment.
GET/v1/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/mine/ Get your like status for a comment.
GET/v1/kill-switch/comment-likes Kill comment likes


View and manage a site's tags and categories.

Resource Description
GET/v1/sites/$site/categories Get a list of a site's categories.
GET/v1/sites/$site/tags Get a list of a site's tags.
GET/v1/sites/$site/categories/slug:$category Get information about a single category.
POST/v1/sites/$site/categories/slug:$category Edit a category.
GET/v1/sites/$site/tags/slug:$tag Get information about a single tag.
POST/v1/sites/$site/tags/slug:$tag Edit a tag.
GET/v1/sites/$site/taxonomies/$taxonomy/terms/slug:$slug Get information about a single term.
POST/v1/sites/$site/taxonomies/$taxonomy/terms/slug:$slug Edit a term.
GET/v1/sites/$site/post-types/$post_type/taxonomies Get a list of taxonomies associated with a post type.
GET/v1/sites/$site/taxonomies/$taxonomy/terms Get a list of a site's terms by taxonomy.
POST/v1/sites/$site/categories/new Create a new category.
POST/v1/sites/$site/tags/new Create a new tag.
POST/v1/sites/$site/categories/slug:$category/delete Delete a category.
POST/v1/sites/$site/tags/slug:$tag/delete Delete a tag.
POST/v1/sites/$site/taxonomies/$taxonomy/terms/new Create a new term.
POST/v1/sites/$site/taxonomies/$taxonomy/terms/slug:$slug/delete Delete a term.


Follow and unfollow blogs.

Resource Description
GET/v1/sites/$site/follows/ List a site's followers in reverse chronological order.
POST/v1/sites/$site/follows/new Follow a blog.
POST/v1/sites/$site/follows/mine/delete Unfollow a blog.
GET/v1/sites/$site/follows/mine Get blog following status for the current user.


Connect social media services to automatically share new posts and manage sharing buttons on a site.

Resource Description
GET/v1/sites/$site/sharing-buttons/ Get a list of a site's sharing buttons.
POST/v1/sites/$site/sharing-buttons Edit all sharing buttons for a site.
GET/v1/meta/sharing-buttons Get a list of external services for which sharing buttons are supported.

Freshly Pressed

View Freshly Pressed posts from the homepage.

Resource Description
GET/v1/freshly-pressed/ Get a list of Freshly Pressed posts. (Note: Freshly Pressed has been retired. Please visit to get the best content published across our network.)


View and manage a user's notifications.

Resource Description
GET/v1/notifications/ Get a list of user notifications (reverse chronological).
GET/v1/notifications/$note_ID Get a notification.
POST/v1/notifications/seen Set the timestamp of the most recently seen notification.
POST/v1/notifications/read Mark a set of notifications as read.


View analytics for your application.

Resource Description
GET/v1/insights Get a list of stats/metrics/insights that the current user has access to.
GET/v1/insights/$slug Get raw data for a particular graph.


Manage and view a user's subscriptions to the Reader.

Resource Description
GET/v1/read/menu/ Get default reader menu.
GET/v1/read/feed/$feed_url_or_id Get details about a feed.
GET/v1/read/following/ Get a list of posts from the blogs a user follows.
GET/v1/read/liked/ Get a list of posts from the blogs a user likes.
GET/v1/read/tags/$tag/posts Get a list of posts from a tag.
GET/v1/read/tags Get a list of tags subscribed to by the user.
GET/v1/read/tags/alphabetic Get a filtered list of top tags, grouped by letter.
GET/v1/read/trending/tags Get a list of trending tags.
GET/v1/read/tags/$tag Get details about a specified tag.
GET/v1/read/tags/$tag/mine Get the subscribed status of the user to a given tag.
POST/v1/read/tags/$tag/mine/new Subscribe to a new tag.
POST/v1/read/tags/$tag/mine/delete Unsubscribe from a tag.
GET/v1/read/following/mine Get a list of the feeds the user is following.
POST/v1/read/following/mine/new Follow the specified blog.
POST/v1/read/following/mine/delete Unfollow the specified blog.
GET/v1/read/feed/ Get the ID and subscribe URL of one or more matching feeds by domain or URL.
GET/v1/read/email-settings/ Returns the email settings
POST/v1/read/email-settings/ Returns the email settings
GET/v1/read/subscriptions-count/ Returns the number of blog, comment and pending subscriptions.
GET/v1/read/recommendations/mine/ Get a list of blog recommendations for the current user.


View stats for a site.

Resource Description
GET/v1/sites/$site/stats Get a site's stats.
GET/v1/sites/$site/stats/visits Get visitor counts for a site.
GET/v1/sites/$site/stats/referrers Get a site's referrers.
GET/v1/sites/$site/stats/top-posts Get a site's top posts and pages by views.
GET/v1/sites/$site/stats/country-views Get a site's views by country.
GET/v1/sites/$site/stats/clicks Get a site's outbound clicks.
GET/v1/sites/$site/stats/search-terms Get search terms used to find the site.


Manage a site's media library.

Resource Description
POST/v1/sites/$site/media/$media_ID/delete Delete a piece of media.
GET/v1/sites/$site/media/$media_ID Get a single media item (by ID).
POST/v1/sites/$site/media/$media_ID Edit basic information about a media item.
GET/v1/sites/$site/media/ Get a list of items in the media library.
POST/v1/sites/$site/media/new Upload a new media item.
POST/v1/sites/$site/media/$media_ID/edit Edit a media item.


Batch several API GET requests into one.

Resource Description
GET/v1/batch/ Run several GET endpoints and return them as an array.


View video information.

Resource Description
GET/v1/videos/$guid Get the metadata for a specified VideoPress video.
GET/v1/videos/$guid/poster Get the poster for a specified VideoPress video.
POST/v1/videos/$guid/poster Upload and set a poster for a specified VideoPress video.
GET/v1/videos/$guid/chapters Get the chapters for a specified VideoPress video.
GET/v1/videos/$guid/playlist/$format Get the poster for a specified VideoPress video.
POST/v1/videos/$guid/tracks Upload a subtitle/caption track for a specified VideoPress video.
POST/v1/videos/$guid/tracks/delete Delete an existing subtitle/caption track for a specified VideoPress video.