Theme Subjects

about, art-design, authors-writers, blog, business, coming-soon, community-non-profit, education, entertainment, fashion-beauty, health-wellness, link-in-bio, magazine, music, newsletter, podcast, portfolio, real-estate, restaurant, single-page, store, travel, travel-lifestyle, video

Theme Styles

abstract, artistic, bright, brutalist, clean, colorful, conservative, contemporary, curved, dark, earthy, elegant, faded, flamboyant, flowery, formal, funny, futuristic, geometric, glamorous, grungy, hand-drawn, handcrafted, humorous, industrial, learning, light, metallic, minimal, modern, natural, paper-made, playful, professional, retro, simple, sophisticated, tech, textured, traditional, urban, vibrant, whimsical

Theme Features

  • accessibility-ready - Adheres to accessibility best practices like color contrast, keyboard navigation, and form/link focus.
  • author-bio - Displays the author’s profile on single posts.
  • auto-loading-homepage - Adds homepage template automatically to your site with theme activation.
  • block-editor-styles - This theme fully supports use of the new block editor to create and edit your content.
  • blog-excerpts - Displays excerpts on the blog page – either add custom text, or let the theme automatically show the beginning of each post.
  • breadcrumb-navigation - Displays a breadcrumb trail-style navigation path to help visitors keep track of where they are on your site.
  • bundled-fonts
  • classic-menu - Displays a full navigation menu that’s visible at all times on desktop screens and isn’t hidden behind a panel or icon.
  • classic-theme - These themes use the Customizer for most site-wide visual changes and often have more than normal options in the Customizer. They’ve been adapted to work with the Block Editor, but might have some feature gaps. They are not compatible with the Site Editor. They have access to widgets and may include sidebar and/or footer widget areas. They have a “Try & Customize” option.
  • custom-background - Lets you upload a background image, or select a solid background color.
  • custom-colors - Offers a selection of free or premium color palettes, or lets you select your own colors.
  • custom-header - Allows you to upload your own graphic to display at the top of your site.
  • custom-menu - Displays at least one custom navigation menu, to which you can add any links your choose.
  • do-it-for-me - These themes are featured in the Do It For Me (DIFM) signup flow.
  • do-it-for-me-store - These themes are featured in the Do It For Me (BBE) store signup flow.
  • editor-fonts - Themes with font settings in the block editor, not the Site Editor or Customizer.
  • featured-content-with-pages - Has a featured-content area that displays pages as well as posts.
  • featured-image-header - Replaces the header on individual posts with the post’s featured image.
  • featured-images - Lets you set a specific image to represent each post (the position and size of the images varies by theme).
  • fixed-menu - Menus that remain fixed in place – either at the top, bottom, or side – while visitors scroll through the site.
  • flexible-header - Accepts header images of any size, even if it’s larger than what’s recommended for the theme.
  • full-site-editing - Allows editing all aspects of your theme through the Site Editor.
  • full-width-template - Create single-column pages without any sidebars.
  • global-styles - Lets you choose fonts for your site in the block editor.
  • hybrid-themes - These themes were built specifically for the Block Editor. They still use the Customizer for most site-wide visual changes. They are not compatible with the Site Editor. They have access to widgets and are more likely to only include a footer widget area. They do not have a “Try & Customize” option.
  • microformats - Includes special HTML for marking up people, organizations, events, locations, blog posts, and other types of formatted content.
  • multiple-menus - Supports two or more menus, not including social-links menus.
  • one-page - Display content from selected pages of your site on a single cohesive, scrolling homepage.
  • post-formats - Adds graphic and typographical touches to photos, galleries, quotes, links, video, and short posts to add visual interest.
  • post-slider - Displays a slideshow to highlight a selection of featured posts of your choice.
  • recommended
  • rtl-language-support - Supports languages that are read from right to left.
  • site-logo - Displays a logo graphic, usually in the header area.
  • social-menu - Displays a built-in social menu with icons that link to social profiles.
  • sticky-post - Lets you “stick” a specific post to the top of your blog so readers always see it first.
  • testimonials - Adds graphic and typographical touches to testimonials, to highlight satisfied customers or clients.
  • threaded-comments - Supports threaded comments.
  • universal-theme - Blockbase child themes.
  • video - Supports videos in the header or featured content area.

Theme Colors

black, blue, brown, burgundy, dark, gray, green, light, magenta, navy, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, tan, white, yellow

Theme Columns

five-columns, four-columns, left-sidebar, one-column, right-sidebar, three-columns, two-columns

Theme Layouts

fixed-layout, fluid-layout, grid-layout, responsive-layout