Theme Styles

abstract, artistic, bright, clean, colorful, conservative, contemporary, curved, dark, earthy, elegant, faded, flamboyant, flowery, formal, funny, futuristic, geometric, glamorous, grungy, hand-drawn, handcrafted, humorous, industrial, learning, light, metallic, minimal, modern, natural, paper-made, playful, professional, retro, simple, sophisticated, tech, textured, traditional, urban, vibrant, whimsical

Theme Features

  • accessibility-ready - Adheres to accessibility best practices like color contrast, keyboard navigation, and form/link focus.
  • author-bio - Displays the author’s profile on single posts.
  • auto-loading-homepage - Adds homepage template automatically to your site with theme activation.
  • block-editor-styles - This theme fully supports use of the new block editor to create and edit your content.
  • block-templates - Allows editing all aspects of your theme through the Site Editor.
  • blog-excerpts - Displays excerpts on the blog page – either add custom text, or let the theme automatically show the beginning of each post.
  • blog-homepage - Sets a blog homepage automatically on your site with theme activation.
  • breadcrumb-navigation - Displays a breadcrumb trail-style navigation path to help visitors keep track of where they are on your site.
  • classic-menu - Displays a full navigation menu that’s visible at all times on desktop screens and isn’t hidden behind a panel or icon.
  • custom-background - Lets you upload a background image, or select a solid background color.
  • custom-colors - Offers a selection of free or premium color palettes, or lets you select your own colors.
  • custom-header - Allows you to upload your own graphic to display at the top of your site.
  • custom-menu - Displays at least one custom navigation menu, to which you can add any links your choose.
  • featured-content-with-pages - Has a featured-content area that displays pages as well as posts.
  • featured-image-header - Replaces the header on individual posts with the post’s featured image.
  • featured-images - Lets you set a specific image to represent each post (the position and size of the images varies by theme).
  • fixed-menu - Menus that remain fixed in place – either at the top, bottom, or side – while visitors scroll through the site.
  • flexible-header - Accepts header images of any size, even if it’s larger than what’s recommended for the theme.
  • footer-widgets
  • front-page-post-form - Post directly from the front page of your site.
  • full-site-editing - Allows for customizing the site's header and footer, directly in the block editor.
  • full-width-template - Create single-column pages without any sidebars.
  • global-styles - Lets you choose fonts for your site in the block editor.
  • microformats - Includes special HTML for marking up people, organizations, events, locations, blog posts, and other types of formatted content.
  • multiple-menus - Supports two or more menus, not including social-links menus.
  • non-universal-fse - INTERNAL ONLY - A non-universal FSE theme that will only be shown to FSE beta sites.
  • one-column
  • one-page - Display content from selected pages of your site on a single cohesive, scrolling homepage.
  • portfolio - Displays portfolio projects that showcase creative work.
  • post-formats - Adds graphic and typographical touches to photos, galleries, quotes, links, video, and short posts to add visual interest.
  • post-slider - Displays a slideshow to highlight a selection of featured posts of your choice.
  • recommended
  • rtl-language-support - Supports languages that are read from right to left.
  • site-logo - Displays a logo graphic, usually in the header area.
  • social-menu - Displays a built-in social menu with icons that link to social profiles.
  • sticky-post - Lets you “stick” a specific post to the top of your blog so readers always see it first.
  • store - Use an ecommerce-optimized theme for your online shop. Note: creating a store or activating WooCommerce requires a Business plan.
  • testimonials - Adds graphic and typographical touches to testimonials, to highlight satisfied customers or clients.
  • threaded-comments - Supports threaded comments.
  • translation-ready
  • video - Supports videos in the header or featured content area.

Theme Subjects

announcement, art, blog, business, collaboration, craft, easy, education, fashion, food, hotel, journal, link-in-bio, magazine, music, nature, office, photoblogging, photography, podcast, portfolio, real-estate, scrapbooking, seasonal, simple, single, single-page, sophisticated, stationery, travel, tumblelog, video, wedding

Theme Colors

black, blue, brown, dark, gray, green, light, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, tan, white, yellow

Theme Layouts

fixed-layout, fluid-layout, grid-layout, responsive-layout

Theme Columns

four-columns, left-sidebar, one-column, right-sidebar, three-columns, two-columns