Theme Styles

abstract, artistic, bright, clean, colorful, conservative, contemporary, curved, dark, earthy, elegant, faded, flamboyant, flowery, formal, funny, futuristic, geometric, glamorous, grungy, hand-drawn, handcrafted, humorous, industrial, light, metallic, minimal, modern, natural, paper-made, playful, professional, retro, simple, sophisticated, tech, textured, traditional, urban, vibrant, whimsical

Theme Features

  • accessibility-ready - Follows accessibility best practices such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, and form/link focus.
  • author-bio - Displays author profile on single posts.
  • blog-excerpts - Displays a post excerpt on the blog page instead of the full post. A default excerpt will be displayed unless a custom excerpt has been added.
  • breadcrumb-navigation - Displays breadcrumb trail-style navigation path to indicate page hierarchy.
  • classic-menu - Displays a full navigation menu not toggled behind a panel or icon.
  • custom-background - Allows users to upload a background image or select a solid background color.
  • custom-colors - Supports free or premium color palettes and custom color choices.
  • custom-header - Lets users upload their own graphic for display in the header area.
  • custom-menu - Displays at least one custom navigation menu.
  • editor-style - In the WP Admin dashboard, the post editor displays content in a similar style to the theme's front end.
  • featured-content-with-pages - Themes whose featured-content area offers the ability to select pages in addition to posts.
  • featured-image-header - A post's featured image replaces the custom header on single posts.
  • featured-images - Designate a certain image to represent each post. How this image will display varies by theme.
  • fixed-menu - Full or compact menu stays fixed – either at the top, bottom, or side – while main content is scrollable.
  • flexible-header - Upload a header image of any size, even if it’s larger than is recommended for the theme.
  • front-page-post-form - Allows you to post directly from the front page of your site.
  • full-width-template - A full-width page option lets you create pages without any sidebars.
  • infinite-scroll - Supports infinite scroll, a way to pull new content automatically whenever a visitor approaches the bottom of a blog, instead of having to click through older-pages links.
  • microformats - Includes special HTML for marking up people, organizations, events, locations, blog posts, and other types of formatted content.
  • multiple-menus - Supports two or more menus, not including any social links menu.
  • one-page - Allows you to pull content from multiple pages and display it as a single page.
  • portfolio - Designed to display portfolio projects showcasing creative work.
  • post-formats - Displays photos, galleries, quotes, links, or other post types with different formatting for more visual variety.
  • post-slider - Displays a slideshow at the top of your front page to highlight recent posts or images.
  • rtl-language-support - Supports languages that are read from right to left.
  • site-logo - Lets users upload a logo image that usually appears in the header area.
  • social-menu - Has a built-in social menu that lets you add links to social profiles.
  • sticky-post - “Stick” a certain post to the top of your front page, so readers always see it first.
  • testimonials - Themes that support the testimonial custom post type.
  • theme-options - Lets users choose from extra functionality or layouts.
  • threaded-comments - Supports threaded comments.
  • translation-ready - Ready to be translated into multiple languages.
  • video - Displays video in the header, scrolling panel, featured-content, or other area for visual variety.

Theme Subjects

announcement, art, artwork, blog, business, cartoon, collaboration, craft, design, education, fashion, food, gaming, holiday, hotel, journal, lifestream, magazine, music, nature, news, outdoors, photoblogging, photography, portfolio, productivity, real-estate, school, scrapbooking, seasonal, sports, travel, tumblelog, video, wedding

Theme Colors

black, blue, brown, dark, gray, green, light, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, tan, white, yellow

Theme Layouts

fixed-layout, fluid-layout, grid-layout, responsive-layout

Theme Columns

four-columns, left-sidebar, one-column, right-sidebar, three-columns, two-columns