If you’re a vendor interested in selling your products through WordPress.com, please get in touch using the form on https://wordpress.com/partners/. We’ll ask you to send us your product to review, and for you to accept our Marketplace Vendor Agreement. To launch your product we’ll work with you to add the correct zip file, pricing, and product information. If you require licensing validation, you’ll need to integrate with our Licensing API.


How do I provide plugin updates?

We’ll provide access to a vendor dashboard where you can upload the updated plugin as a zip file. Our platform will then propagate the update to end users’ sites.

How is the plugin installed on the end user’s site?

When a WordPress.com customer purchases your product in our Marketplace, we’ll load the zip file you provided and install it on their site.

What’s the best way to share the zip file?

For the initial zip file, please send us a link to your hosted, production-ready zip file so we can download and try it out on our platform.

What will be the process for handling support queries?

Please see: