These guidelines offer guidance for the plugin team providing support for plugins sold on, including setup procedures, and expectations.

Marketplace Developers handle support for all the products they sell through

This document defines the roles and expectations for (support), and the 3PP (plugin support team), relative to plugins (added to the Marketplace, owned by 3PP).

Support expectations

Follow the Support Policy published on while providing customer support. Here are some Support Best Practices on how to respond to support requests. will handle all questions related to the plugin including any issues with plugin setup billing issues, and generic functionality questions.

The 3PP team will handle technical questions as well as those related to the plugin configuration. will forward these queries to the 3PP. Tech-savvy customers may also reach out to 3PPs directly.

We expect 3PPs to provide support to customers using the Service Level Agreement (SLA) they use with their highest priority customers. customers should receive a response from the 3PP within 12 hours.

Support flow

  • will forward emails from Zendesk to the 3PP’s customer support platform. On forwarding, will publicly reply to the customer, letting them know that we are forwarding the question to the 3PP.  We’ll also advise the customer on how to contact the 3PP directly for any future support needs. 
  • The 3PP will respond to the customer within the timeframe agreed to in the SLA.

The 3PP must forward emails to should follow-up questions on products arise in the support conversation. ).

Reporting structure

Each party ( and the 3PP) will report out each month on the following:

  1. Achieved SLA.
  2. The total volume of support requests handled.
  3. Average resolution time( will share the number of queries we forwarded to the 3PP.
  4. Customer satisfaction data.
  5. Tag or categorization metrics related to the types of queries.

Refunds offers a seven-day refund period for monthly subscriptions and a 14-day period for annual plan subscriptions.

We aim to follow identical refund windows for all monthly and annual subscription offerings on including the Dotcom Marketplace. does not have any conditions around refunds except the refund period. Routinely, we ask customers what/how we might help them more effectively (and keep them on the subscription). Customer success with any offering is the primary goal, and wants customers to be successful, regardless of whether it’s with a  purchase or cancellation.

Resources required from 3PP

  1. The 3PP will share any public or internal customer support FAQs they use with the team so that we can support 3PP customers.
  2. Any 3PP product-related documentation/resources important for
  3. will need at least one dedicated email address and/ or the contact information for a stakeholder who will contact support teams for any escalation.