GET /sites/$site/sharing-buttons/

Get a list of a site's sharing buttons.

Resource Information

Method GET
Requires authentication? Yes

Method Parameters

Query Parameters

Response Parameters

Resource Errors

These are the possible errors returned by this endpoint.

HTTP Code Error Identifier Error Message
400 missing_jetpack_module The Sharing module must be activated in order to use this endpoint
400 invalid_request The URL field is required
400 invalid_request The icon field is required
404 not_found The specified sharing button was not found
403 forbidden You do not have the capability to manage sharing buttons for this site
403 unauthorized User cannot access this private blog.
403 unauthorized User cannot access this restricted blog


curl \
 -H 'authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN' \
$options  = array (
  'http' => 
  array (
    'ignore_errors' => true,
    'header' => 
    array (
      0 => 'authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN',

$context  = stream_context_create( $options );
$response = file_get_contents(
$response = json_decode( $response );


    "found": 2,
    "sharing_buttons": [
            "ID": "twitter",
            "name": "Twitter",
            "shortname": "twitter",
            "custom": false,
            "enabled": true,
            "visibility": "visible",
            "genericon": "\f202"
            "ID": "facebook",
            "name": "Facebook",
            "shortname": "facebook",
            "custom": false,
            "enabled": true,
            "visibility": "visible",
            "genericon": "\f203"