Welcome to the REST API. Below, you’ll find a full listing of all the available endpoints. As we add more endpoints, they will be automatically documented here and available through the Developer Console.

For more information about a particular endpoint, click on its name under the Resource header. You’ll be taken to the endpoint’s documentation page, which includes what query parameters the endpoint will accept, what the JSON object’s parameters will be in the response, and an example query/response.


View user information data such as username, name, email, blog and Gravatar.

Resource Description
GET/sites/$site/users List the Users of a blog
GET/me Meta data about auth token's User


View general site information and options.

Resource Description
GET/sites/$site Information about a site ID/domain
GET/me/sites A list of the current user's sites


View and manage posts including reblogs and likes.

Resource Description
GET/sites/$site/posts/ Return matching Posts
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID Return a single Post (by ID)
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID Edit a Post
GET/sites/$site/posts/slug:$post_slug Return a single Post (by slug)
POST/sites/$site/posts/new Create a Post
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/delete Delete a Post. Note: If the post object is of type post or page and the trash is enabled, this request will send the post to the trash. A second request will permanently delete the post.
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/ List the Likes for a Post
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/new Like a Post
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/mine/delete Remove your Like from a Post
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/mine/ Get your Like status for a Post
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/reblogs/mine Get Reblog status for a Post
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/reblogs/new Reblog a Post
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post/related Search within a site for related posts


View and manage a post's comments.

Resource Description
GET/sites/$site/comments/ Return recent Comments
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/replies/ Return recent Comments for a Post
GET/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID Return a single Comment
POST/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID Edit a Comment
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/replies/new Create a Comment on a Post
POST/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/replies/new Create a Comment as a reply to another Comment
POST/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/delete Delete a Comment
GET/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/ List the likes for a comment
POST/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/new Like a comment
POST/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/mine/delete Remove your like from a comment
GET/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/mine/ Get your like status for a comment


View and manage a site's tags and categories.

Resource Description
GET/sites/$site/categories/slug:$category Returns information on a single Category
POST/sites/$site/categories/slug:$category Edit a Category
GET/sites/$site/categories Returns a list of a site's categories
GET/sites/$site/tags Returns a list of a site's tags
GET/sites/$site/tags/slug:$tag Returns information on a single Tag
POST/sites/$site/tags/slug:$tag Edit a Tag
POST/sites/$site/categories/new Create a new Category
POST/sites/$site/tags/new Create a new Tag
POST/sites/$site/categories/slug:$category/delete Delete a Category
POST/sites/$site/tags/slug:$tag/delete Delete a Tag


Follow and unfollow blogs.

Resource Description
GET/sites/$site/follows/ List a site's followers in reverse chronological order
POST/sites/$site/follows/new Follow a Blog
POST/sites/$site/follows/mine/delete Unfollow a Blog
GET/sites/$site/follows/mine Get Blog Following status for this User

Freshly Pressed

View Freshly Pressed posts from the WordPress.com homepage.

Resource Description
GET/freshly-pressed/ List Freshly Pressed Posts


View and manage a user's notifications.

Resource Description
GET/notifications/ Reverse-chronologically list User Notifications
GET/notifications/$note_ID Get a Notification
POST/notifications/seen Set the timestamp of the most recently seen Notification
POST/notifications/read Mark a set of Notifications as read


View analytics for your application.

Resource Description
GET/insights A list stats/metrics/insights that the provided developer token has access to.
GET/insights/$slug Raw data for a particular graph.


Manage and view a user's subscriptions to the WordPress.com Reader.

Resource Description
GET/read/menu/ Default reader menu.
GET/read/feed/$feed_url Get details about a feed
GET/read/following/ List of posts from the blogs a user follows.
GET/read/liked/ List of posts from the blogs a user likes.
GET/read/tags/$tag/posts List of posts from a tag
GET/read/tags Returns the list of tags subscribed to by the user.
GET/read/tags/$tag Returns details about a specified tag.
GET/read/tags/$tag/mine Returns the subscribed status of the user.
POST/read/tags/$tag/mine/new Subscribe to a new tag.
POST/read/tags/$tag/mine/delete Unsubscribe from a tag.
GET/read/following/mine List the feeds the user is following.
POST/read/following/mine/new Follow the specified blog.
POST/read/following/mine/delete Unfollow the specified blog.
GET/read/recommendations/mine/ Get recommendations to blogs you may like


View stats for a site.

Resource Description
GET/sites/$site/stats Get a site's stats
GET/sites/$site/stats/visits View and visitor counts for a site
GET/sites/$site/stats/referrers Get a site's referrers
GET/sites/$site/stats/top-posts View a site's top posts and pages by views
GET/sites/$site/stats/country-views View a site's views by country
GET/sites/$site/stats/clicks View a site's outbound clicks
GET/sites/$site/stats/search-terms View search terms used to find the site


Manage a site's media library.

Resource Description
GET/v1.1/sites/$site/media/ Return the media library
GET/v1.1/sites/$site/media/$media_ID Return a single media item (by ID)
POST/v1.1/sites/$site/media/$media_ID Edit basic information about a media item
POST/v1.1/sites/$site/media/new Upload a new piece of media
POST/v1.1/sites/$site/media/$media_ID/delete Delete a piece of media. Media is deleted and not trashed.


Batch several API GET requests into one.

Resource Description
GET/batch/ Run several GET endpoints and return them as an array